One Minute

March 24, 2017

Sunny one minute 



Like most mornings of late I stayed in bed,  I was pretty sure it would be another miserable start. I heard rain on the roof as my alarm went off... and that was all I needed to roll back over. lol! I was wrong though, there was colour in the skies.. missed out on this one.

Once out of bed I saw that it was sunny.... What!? Sunny. Can't be!!

I quickly put a load of washing on, then raced to the beach eager to make the most of it, grabbed a coffee and went for a walk.. so nice to see my old friend again. 5 minutes of vitamin D was exactly what I needed, I could just do with some more.  

Looking to the South, ugliness was coming. In what felt like a minute, at max two that these dark clouds had swung over Bondi and started spitting once more. Back inside I go :-( 

See you over the weekend, my fingers are crossed~


PS. OneWave's 4th Birthday today... Congratulations guys on a job well done... keep up the good work fighting the stigma of mental health. 

Family stroll 

Different story pan



Looked like this 

Before the rain run 

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September 28, 2021

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August 26, 2021

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