June 30, 2016

Thick & Juicy


That was special. Bronte shorey lit up for an hour or so (around 9am), and I had it all to myself. There were some big set waves would come in every few minutes, rising up and smashing onto the low tide sands.. scared the lights out of me on a number of occasions as I raced to either shoot the wave or duck dive in the 1ft of remaining water. This session reminded me of a couple years back when I first bought a waterhousing, I went out in similar conditions and ended up getting rag dolled so much so that my housing's leash snapped off and the camera went hurtling towards shore (thankfully it didn't hit the rocks and a kid helped my find it). No such incidents like this today, thankfully! 

Pretty clear under there

Rounded glass

In the tube

Stretching the beach

Direct sunlight

Getting in the way

1 below 4 above - If I don't duck I get an almighty pounding..


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August 26, 2021

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