June 09, 2017

Tasmania has always been on my bucket list. The crystal clear waters, the crisp air and its rugged terrain all playing a role into my desire to visit... that along with a deal on #Jetstar flights the countless ads streaming through every media outlet solidified (good job Tasmania Tourism with the #discovertasmania campaign) our trip with 9 days booked. Now the fun began, where to?!


Confession, Adam and I are the worst at organising. The thing is, there is SOOOOO much to do so little time that we try to fit in as much as possible in a limited amount of time...what do you do and where do you go?! … and of course, we leave everything to the last minute; this time was no different.

Sadly, we realised we didn't even have a bag (it was at his parents) and we had to borrow one from our neighbours. Thank God for good neighbours. Haha!

:: Guess when all you concentrate on is ensuring you have all your camera/drone gear, clothes and everything else takes a side step...which to most would be unfathomable since we were going to be camping! ::

We loaded all our stuff into the old duffel, slept for 3 hours and departed to this mystical part of the world. #goals

We arrived Easter Sunday to blue skies and crisp air. The sun had started to warm the land and we had the itch to get out and explore!

We packed the car and made our way to the iconic Wineglass Bay stopping along the way taking dips, pics and snips.

We hiked up, down and around immersing ourselves in the panoramic views.

After a long day, we finally popped into our sleeping bags where the sound of the waves lulled us to sleep.

As usual, Ads was up at the crack of dawn exploring a new beach. I love that about him. His insatiable appetite for adventure and discovery!

Friendly Beach, miles of white sand and turquoise waters perfect place for drone exploration. "Look Ads, a dolphin!" ... "That's not a dolphin!"

Endless winding roads. Vineyards. Flowerless lavender fields with incredible teas. Bush hikes to waterfalls. Lookout points. Wild pademelon population control. Launceston, sleepy little big town. Cheese. More wine. More hikes. Sunrises and epic sunsets.

Cradle Mountain.


Ads and I love the outdoors and trekking, so we are in paradise inside the National Park! We made our way to the Dove Lake boat shed in time to catch the last rays of the day. We stayed till nightfall (and then some) as the stars twirled above. Simply magical.

The next day we were up for sunrise and the start of our walk to the summit.

We took the scenic route through the Crater Lake, Wombat Poo(l), Lake Lilla and up Marion's Lookout. With the terrain ever changing we make our way towards it...Cradle Mountain!

At first it loomed in the background and as we near it the anticipation builds.

It looks pretty straight forward but then we remember the conversation we had with the Ranger. As we look closer we noticed the boulders the have crumpled down many many years ago. Here we go.

Up, down, hop to and fro looking for best angles keeping the marking poles in sight. We definitely don't forget to look around. The park sprawls behind us and it is magnificent!

Through tight spaces and up ledges we make our way to the crater in the middle. Agh! Just as you think you're there!

Mostly protected from the elements, this crater bit had a forest and whole ecosystem to itself. It is beautiful. 

A few more rocks to cross. We're told that it's beyond 'those' rocks; almost there...

We finally get to the summit and OhMyGod it is so worth it! On top of the world breathing the world's best air and able to see for miles on! It is breathtaking.

We spend a good amount of time up there taking pictures. Sitting down and contemplating and over the moon as we had done our hardest trek to date!

Now... how are we going to get down...


On our bums, that's how! Some of the rocks are too steep, so it is much easier to climb up than down. Still a great amount of fun! 

As we get back to the Kitchen Hut, we look back at what we've accomplished. Wow!

We decide to take the scenic route back and what should have been a 4 hour return hike turns into an 8 hour journey full of laughs, encouragement, long talks, silence and everything in between. No need to rush in paradise. 


We visit Waldheim Chalet to see how Gustav and Kate lived and hosted its many travellers. Learned about wombat stew which made me sad as we saw a couple of those little fur wrecking balls out the front munching on the grass.

We decided to spend one more night in the Cradle Mountain area and get up for one more sunrise at Dove Lake. You would too, believe me! (::benefits of an open schedule::)

We make our way West passing through Queenstown, Strahan and towards the base of the Cradle Mountain, Lake St.  Clair National Park, the end of the Overland Track.

As it is nearing sunset, we do a short bush walk to Platypus Bay and when we get there, we wait…

Ads and I lean against the fence very quietly, holding our breath when we see water ripples. Then more ripples... (::I'll never forget Ads’ look and my excitement::)

We are giddy like kids at (a silent) candy shop! We stick around as the platypus goes in for several rounds of dips. They’re far but not many people can say they've seen them in the wild. It was pretty special.

As I have yet to see an echidna in the wild I summon everything and send it out to the universe to let me have that experience. It didn't happen in this trip but I am sure one was in a corner somewhere watching me try to 'speak echidna' chuckling to itself.

Our time in this glorious park is over and we leave on a high. Now to sleep.

Hobart area is next stop. We have a fair bit to go but it gives us time to reflect and admire the beautifully, sometimes nauseating, winding roads that meet us.

We head straight to Port Arthur and catch the last bit of the day there catching sunset from the boat. The light casts an eerie feel over the grounds. You can't help but be in awe of the beautiful architecture but still feel uneasy with the crimes the people that inhabited the area committed. The next day we spend the full day there taking the tour and then wandering around the grounds. Tassie has a rich history and it was fun learning about it.

We built the whole trip around getting to Hobart on a Saturday to experience Salamanca Markets. It's a cacophony of sounds, smells, sights. It's overwhelming when you've spent so many days in the bush amidst deafening silence and no one around.

After much anticipation, I finally get my scallop pie. Blah. It was bland. We tried duck fat fried fries. Yum. Local Schnapps, Gin and Whiskey, yes please! We also had healthy stuff like cheese, sausages and ice cream too. Oh wait...I'm sure I also ate an apple. :)

The highlight to my market experience was meeting Henry from Mole Creek Truffle Farm. He is seriously the nicest and most down to earth guy (and he's so cute)!

Next day we enjoy MONA and a trip to Mt. Wellington where we could not see past our outstretched hand because it was so foggy.

On our last night we grab a bite to eat and then head towards the airport for one more snooze in the car before our flight back to Sydney.

What an incredible turn of unexpected events that unfolded in our time in that magical island.

Tassie, we will be back and look forward to our next adventure.

Words by Ana, Photographs by Adam / Ana


Please visit and support links above. They are amazing Aussie businesses who have honed their craft. Much love to you all.


#discovertasmania #getlostinthewild #wildtasmania #foodiesparadise

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